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The Eminent Use Of Oil In The Refrigeration System

Posted by Admin on April, 10, 2020

A refrigeration system requires regular oiling so that the compressor remains lubricated and it can help the entire refrigeration system to run smoothly. Special preparations for lubricant oils are required especially for the compressor’s internal mechanisms. This higher the cost of manufacturing and to make the refrigeration equipment working various environmental issues such as ozone reduction and waste oil disposal get triggered and adds to global warming.
Experts understand that refrigeration systems are the future of the entire food preservation system and this can keep people comfortable. Technologies have empowered the engineering system to produce oil-free compressors which can alter the way of production of cool air but still it is an expensive method.

Importance of oil in a refrigeration system:
Oil is used in the refrigeration system for lubricating the compressor to produce cool air. The use of oil is efficient to reduce friction from the metallic parts. It also protects the compressor and extends the lifespan of the refrigeration system.
Refrigerant oil suppliers in Navi Mumbai use a specially designed high-temperature formula for the cooling systems and thus the use of recommended lubricant is necessary for all the equipment. If the oil becomes too heavy to flow smoothly, it will not reach every working part. Also, if the oil is too light, it may cause inadequate lubrication.

How refrigeration oils lubricate the system?
The method of refrigerant gas circulation used for cooling a chiller, freezer or refrigerator, can higher the temperature and pressure of the gas. Metal parts get heated up with the temperature rise. This also increases the vapor pressure of the oil and it spreads through the system and lubricates the compressor’s metal shares. First cooling and then lubricating the parts make the compressor efficiently operating by lowering the regular wear and tear of its parts.
The capacity of the compressor is the deciding factor for which type of oil is required for lubricating typical refrigeration equipment. It also decides if the system is able to be cooled or not. The measuring unit is BTU (British Thermal Units).

Refrigeration oil types:
Normally refrigeration systems work on two kinds of lubricant oils – 1) synthetic oil and 2) mineral oil.

Synthetic oil works longer than mineral oil. But mineral oil is cheaper in price and thus it is vastly used in various industrial applications, for example, freezers in the grocery stores and air conditioners of the commercial buildings.

How the oil will be formulated for use in a particular compressor is dependent on the power demand and size of the compressor. Oil viscosity decides the resistance of the oil t certain factors like pressure and heat. Hence, the viscosity of the oil is a prime factor for deciding how the formulation will be done for the lubricant.

Though some refrigerant compressors are invented which offer oil-free operation but still those are very expensive. Hence, refrigeration oil manufacturers and suppliers are trying to produce eco-friendly lubricant oils which can replace the fossil-fuel oils. The goal is to cut down the costs while protecting the environment as well.

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